Poking around my feed reader on Thursday, I found a great bit on Scott McLeod’s blog spotlighting two interesting quotes about value-added measures of teacher quality.

Both came from a Diane Ravitch bit, which was in-turn sparked by an exchange happening between Anthony Cody and Vicki Phillips — a representative of the Gates Foundation.

My favorite quote makes a simple argument:  Organizations who argue that value-added measures of teacher quality — which have been proven time-and-again to be flawed on a good day — should play SOME role in teacher evaluation are doing nothing more than asking people to eat crap:

(download slide and view original image credit on Flickr)

Now don’t get me wrong:  Even I think that teacher evaluation practices are fatally flawed.  

Check out this bit I wrote almost two years ago arguing that my own evaluations have done little to help me to improve as an educator. 

But that doesn’t mean I’m ready to accept high-stakes test-driven evaluation models that do little to encourage collaboration between teachers and that force teachers to focus on the kinds of simplistic skills that we can actually test instead of the kinds of essential skills our kids will actually need to survive and thrive in tomorrow’s world. 



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