Are Your Kids Stumbling and Fumbling to New Discoveries?

Felt like being a bit creative today, so I whipped up a slide based on a great question that I found in this Lyn Hilt blog post.

(Click here to enlarge, download and view original image credit on Flickr.)

Awesome question, huh?  What are YOU doing to create safe spaces for students to stumble and fumble their way to new discoveries?


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  • MarciaPowell

    I want the struggle bus stop

    I loved this post.  Quite honestly, I have some kids who freak on the stumbling part.   Help me, help me.   And one of the pieces I have to give them, sometimes, is ‘Why does this matter?’  Today, we had a young lady who did a great job of playing this stumbling part.  I showed 10 minutes of the NOVA program on drones, and asked students to make the connection to current topics in physics, projectile motion, and GPS vectors.


    Amazingly enough, that opened doors.  And windows.  And ideas.   We will get a lot more done now than I could have imagined two days ago.  All because someone asked ‘why’.  Small question, big payoff.  Thanks, Bill.