Are YOU Okay With This?!

Came across a pretty provocative statistic the other day.  Turned it into a slide for you.  

Print it out, hang it up in your workroom and then ask your faculty what you are going to do to change what is clearly a frighteningly simple truth:

(download the original file here)

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  • Brian Ridpath

    8300 students drop out every day. Shocking.

    Actually it is not such a shocking statistic. There are approximately 26000 high schools in the U.S. today. That would be one student per every three high schools every day. Or in a 180 day school year – 60 students per high school per year (one student every three days). Out of an average high school size of approximately 700 students this would be about 8% of the students each year. If you multiply by 4 then you get that an average high school loses about 32% of its students every 4 years. That leaves 68% of the students to graduate – some will ged’s or other high school documents of graduation but is this number so shocking. No. The typical graduation rate in the U.S. is about 70% for the last 40 years and has remained virtually unchanged through all of the national and state curricular machinations of the last 40 years. Has anyone thought to really study why kids drop out (I am sure there are lots of studies)? Why do some students dislike school so much (lots here too)? Curriculum is generally dumbed down from 40 years ago, why don’t kids graduate when we make it easier (Is it really dumbed down or is there less focus)? Will common core change this trendline? Why do human beings at 15, 16 years old think they know better? Why are community colleges dropping voc -ed programs to become little feeder schools for the local university? Why has my high school dropped wood shop, metal shop, small engine repair, and need I go on?