What’s a “Teacherpreneur”? Find out in this excerpt from the upcoming bookTeaching 2030, written by a team of accomplished teachers in partnership with Barnett Berry, president of the Center for Teaching Quality and a long-time advocate of advancing teaching as a profession.

The excerpt, which appears in a new issue of the Education Week publication Professional Development Sourcebook, describes Teacherpreneurs as

…teacher leaders of proven accomplishment who have a deep knowledge of how to teach, a clear understanding of what strategies must be in play to make schools highly successful, and the skills and commitment to spread their expertise to others—all the while keeping at least one foot firmly in the classroom.

   If that sounds in any way familiar, it’s because the authors have identified some of the best teacher leadership practices in play today (in scattered settings across the nation), combined those practices into an advanced, hybrid teaching role — and then super-   charged the result to produce part of their solution to improving American schools.

Read the excerpt, then visit this webpage to find out more about the book’s contents and how to pre-order. Teaching 2030 will be available in bookstores in early December!

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