I came across this fantastic Justin Stortz quote in my Twitterstream the other night.

Now if you’ve read the Radical for any length of time, you know that I couldn’t agree with Josh’s sentiment more.  I’ve written time and again about the exhaustion I feel at serving as America’s punching bag.

Every time some political clown crows about his or her determination to break education–and by default, us in-the-trenches-teacher-folk—to pieces, it leaves me even more determined to fight back.

But every time that I see stagnant educators pushing traditional instructional practices and resisting any kind of attempt to rethink what teaching and learning should look like in our ever-shifting world, I wonder if we REALLY ARE the antidote that we THINK we are.

So what do YOU think?

As a profession, do we have the potential to be the influential change agents that Josh speaks of?

More importantly, are we acting on that potential?  Are working to ensure that ALL of our schools are places of intellectual healing or are we perpetuating structures and practices that do more harm than good?

Do you see public schools as society’s antidote?


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Quote by Justin Stortz, @newfirewithin


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