One of the arguments that educators often give for integrating technology into the classroom is that 21st Century kids are more MOTIVATED by digital lessons than the old school practices we were all raised to know and love.

But is that REALLY true? 

Are today’s students — who have grown up connected and who often have devices dropping out of every pocket of their backpacks — more motivated by the gadget-happy lessons that define many of today’s “tech-savvy” classrooms?

Sean Crevier — a brilliant high school teacher that I had the chance to spend a few days learning with this week — says no:

(download slide and view original image credit on Flickr)

That’s an awesome metaphor, isn’t it?

More importantly, it’s a super-provocative quote that you can use to stimulate conversations about the work that you are — or should be — doing with technology in your classrooms.

Be sure to stop by Sean’s blog — which he just started today, by the way — and continue the conversation!


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