Ali Wright



Ali Wright is a National Board Certified math teacher who divides her time between teaching Algebra 2 and AP Calculus and working as a teacherpreneur.  Ali received her master’s degree from Eastern Kentucky University in 2007 with an emphasis in Teaching Mathematics.  She is a member of the Kentucky Education Association TALK (Teaching Advocates Leading KY) team, the Prichard Committee Team for Teacher Effectiveness and CTQ’s Implementing Common Core Standards Team. Her teacherpreneur work involves creating a community of Kentucky teacher leaders who are ready to lead Common Core efforts, both at the local and national levels.

Work this year as a teacherpreneur

Ali is helping teachers in Kentucky connect, collaborate, and find their teacher leader voices to influence policy and improve teaching and learning.

Leadership verb: Initiate

On being a teacherpreneur

“Being a teacherpreneur has value in that I have opportunities to be a change agent and leader in education while still being able to do what inspires me everyday—teach.”

Support from administrators

“My principal trusts me to choose work that is directly related to student learning and supports me as a colleague and instructional leader.”

Follow Ali’s work

Twitter: @alicrowley

Blog: Life on the Asymptote

Past projects as a teacherpreneur

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