Advice For New (and Returning!) Teachers: How to Make This Year Great!

Teachers should always be the "Chief Learner" in their classrooms!Whether you are a first-year teacher, a returning teacher, or a mentor teacher, you are faced with an exciting but also challenging transition. The following resources are designed to provide practical tips and advice for creating a year of growth for both you and your students. Find the resource that fits, enjoy, and pass it on to someone else who may need the timely advice or encouragement!

The first day of school (part 1) and Part 2 by Jane Fung

Learning Teaching from our Elders by Renee Moore

Tips for new English teachers by Renee Moore

First days in the elementary classroom by Elena Aguilar

Advice for a new special ed teacher by Elizabeth Stein

Crafting choices in the classroom: Promoting student ownership  by Mary Tedrow

The parent meet and greet by Marsha Ratzel

Returning to the classroom by Kathie Marshall

Book Recommendation: A first year teacher’s discoveries review by Laurie Wasserman

Book Recommendation: The rebooting of a teacher’s mind (for returning teachers) review by Carolyn Moser

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Just Two Minutes… I wish I had just two minutes to talk to the me that first started teaching back in 1990.  I’d tell her that asking kids to call her “Lauren” may not work out as well as she’d hoped…”

How a Rought First Year Became a Career An award-winning teacher reflects on the main mistake he made in his first year: not shifting the focus to how the day was going for his students.

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    Thanks, Brianna! A great start to a great compilation. I already shared it with our preservice teachers here at Mt. Holyoke. I love blog-storming! 

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      Thanks Megan! I’m excited to

      Thanks Megan! I’m excited to see what this new teaching and learning opportunity brings you this year–can’t wait for your blog posts!

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    I’ll be sharing this today with new teachers in my district this afternoon.  Thanks for all of the support today!

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