California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE)

The CCEE’s Leading Forward initiative challenges CA schools and LEAs to reimagine how education can serve all students. CTQ collaborated with teachers, administrators, and other educators to develop 17 on-demand modules in five learning pathways. These pathways aligned with focus areas for the initiative, exploring transformative practices at individual, team, school, and systems levels—resulting in a model for educators to better support equity, systems change, and sustainable growth in their schools and districts.

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Florida Education Association (FEA)

CTQ currently supports the FEA Professional Development team in its efforts to design and implement support strategies and capacity-building for its members. Having begun a multi-year partnership with CTQ, the number of statewide FEA affiliates collaborating in peer-led professional learning for educators has doubled. This effort supports FEA’s goal to strategically lead a network that supports all Florida educators in developing instructional and leadership practice.

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Prince George’s Co. Public Schools (PGCPS)

CTQ facilitated PGCPS’ initial explorations of micro-credentials as a strategy for competency-based learning and identification of educator expertise. Beginning in summer 2022, the district launched elements of an early pilot that can support technology integration. This approach can also serve as a model for wider incorporation of innovative personalized professional development across the district, in alignment with other local and state initiatives.

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Richland School District One

CTQ currently supports Richland School District One’s development of a collectively-led, district-designed personalized professional learning system. Aligned to explicit district goals and serving the specific needs of educators, the micro-credential pilot shows promise for a sustainable model. The pilot has been designed with a deep sense of ownership leading to a deliberate approach for building capacity. Lessons learned and successes of Richland One will inform work of other districts regarding the impact of personalized professional learning on educators and students.

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South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE)

The SCDE has partnered with CTQ to design, implement, and scale its model for collective leadership for participating schools. Over the last seven years, CTQ has provided ongoing support to the statewide Collective Leadership Initiative (CLI), including implementation of learning modules, development of collective leadership practices, and analysis of data collected to inform strategy design. As a direct result, more than 90% of educators in CLI schools report confidence in seeing themselves as leaders capable of narrowing achievement gaps, building collective efficacy, and maximizing resources at their schools.

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University of Maryland (UMD)

CTQ partners with UMD’s Center for Education Innovation and Improvement to explore personalized learning experiences for PK-12 educators in the state. To date, we have supported Prince George’s Co. Public Schools in connecting competency-based learning with expanding technology integration efforts. Ongoing efforts will focus on how collaborations across P20 education can help districts identify and maximize educator expertise and build strong pathways to support retention and school leadership.

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University of South Carolina 
College of Education

CTQ’s ongoing partnership with the College of Education at the University of South Carolina (UofSC) directly supports CarolinaCrED in delivering a range of customized supports in personalized professional learning design and implementation for SC learners and leaders; the Carolina Collaborative for Alternative Preparation (CarolinaCAP) in its implementation of a high-quality alternative pathway into teaching; stories of educator experience from CarolinaTIP, a three-year program of support for new teachers; and the Teacher Education Advancement Consortium through Higher Education Research (SC-TEACHER) focused on comprehensive research of teacher recruitment, preparation, and retention efforts in SC.

The innovative collaboration of this work has helped UofSC recruit more than 300 teaching applicants in CarolinaCAP’s pipeline who are eager to “chart a personalized pathway to learn and demonstrate competency in content and pedagogy” through use of more than 200 micro-credentials (produced by UofSC with CTQ’s support), as well as four successful campaigns to tell the personal stories of SC teachers to inform others about their unique experiences from preparation to practice.

This partnership is a model for other colleges and universities who are interested in pursuing expansion of innovative practices to address the shifting demands of teacher recruitment, preparation, and retention, as well as strengthening the role and efficacy of alternative pathways to teaching in various states.

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Voorhees University

CTQ currently serves the Voorhees University Center of Excellence for Educator Preparation as a design and implementation partner to deliver competency-based, personalized preparation pathways. This unique partnership between CTQ, Voorhees, and UofSC’s CarolinaCAP supports the Center’s mission to create equitable learning outcomes for students in underserved, high-need areas and subjects and to address teacher shortages through the preparation of a diverse and effective teacher workforce.

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Wake Co. Public School System

CTQ facilitated Wake County’s efforts to design a micro-credential pilot that reached 75% of the targeted instructional assistants and other educators. Best practices learned in micro-credential development have now informed the work of a collaborative of other districts supported through grants from the NC Department of Public Instruction. As a result, the district is now poised to begin similar professional learning initiatives to impact teacher retention and develop leadership among educators.

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