Digital Promise

Four in five educators engage in professional learning on their own time — time that is most often not recognized by their school systems. The educator micro-credentials initiative steps into that gap, offering personalized, competency-based, on-demand opportunities for educators to gain recognition for what they know and can do. Digital Promise and CTQ work to use micro-credentials as a tool to transform how educators learn and lead together.

National Education Association

Teacher leadership has become a widespread, formal practice for districts over the last decade. Before that, many teachers found the most consistent opportunities to develop and serve as leaders through their associations. The National Education Association (NEA) and CTQ have partnered extensively to advocate for leadership opportunities for teachers, and to build new approaches to professional leadership from within the NEA and its affiliates. Most recently, the Teacher Leadership Initiative (TLI) — a joint project led by the NEA, partnering with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards and CTQ — represents a comprehensive effort to recruit, prepare, activate, and support the next generation of teachers to lead a transformed teaching profession.

South Carolina Department of Education

SCDE and CTQ collaborated to design a statewide Collective Leadership Initiative. Ten pilot schools received networked support to develop school leadership teams that engaged administrators and teachers in school-level improvement and innovation efforts. The second CLI cohort launches in fall 2019, including eleven schools and one fully-scaled effort in a Title I district.

UCLA Center for the Transformation of Schools

Some reforms have left students and schools behind. UCLA CTS addresses critical equity issues in CA public and charter schools. CTQ’s impact assessment and storytelling tools ensure that their lessons learned and successes are shared, bring continuous improvement to scale.