About CTQ

Inspired by the power of education

At CTQ, we bring educators and school system leaders together to improve public education for every student.

For 20 years, CTQ has led efforts to improve public education, drawing from the expertise and insights of experienced educators. We have worked with thousands of teachers, administrators, and system leaders nationwide, listening to and learning from their experiences, then collaborating with them to create solutions to make public schools better.

We help teachers grow as leaders. We partner with administrators and district officials to reimagine how schools work. We bring together teams at all levels to find solutions to improve public schools.

Our vision is a public education system that works better for all students. 

To meet that aim, our mission is to serve as a catalyst for teachers and administrators to collectively drive needed change in education, from classroom-level improvements to systems-level innovation.

Our work centers around five key services: we personalize professional learning, build virtual communities, develop collective leadership, support educator storytelling, and redesign education systems. Together, these approaches help CTQ transform teaching and education.

CTQ has spent the last two decades working to create change in education for students, teachers, and schools. Today, CTQ works alongside educators to create changes to better meet the individual needs of schools and students.