The author of my favorite education quote of all time . . .

“Public education is bountiful, crowded, messy, contradictory, exuberant, tragic, frustrating, and remarkable.” — from Possible Lives

…is now keeping an occasional blog well worth following:

Mike Rose’s Blog

A recent entry on “Cognition and Diversity,” updated from a summer post at the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) website, begins:

The issue I want to discuss is intelligence and the broader construct of cognition: attention and perception, conceptualizing, thinking, problem-solving, etc. We tend not to think about this cluster of topics when discussing diversity – unless we’re discussing exceptional children – but beliefs about intelligence are woven throughout beliefs about race, gender, social class, and ability.

Then, in classic Mike Rose style, he writes: I’ll begin with a little personal history.

Deborah Meier has said (writing about Rose’s 1996 book Possible Lives): “”Mike Rose is both a critical and sympathetic observer of the texture and sound of classroom life.  He shows us that good schooling is a daily reality in schoolhouses in every part of the nation, serving every kind of child and community.”

— john norton

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