I feel like I’ve got to give you a bit of a personal update, Radical Readers.  I’m currently wrestling with a family emergency that is consuming all of my mental and physical energies.  My dad has been seriously ill over the past week and I’ve traveled home to be with him and to support my family.

Now, nothing makes my father prouder than reading through my work!  He’s not an educator by trade—and he tends to hold viewpoints that are far more conservative than mine have ever been!—but our greatest conversations over the past few years have started from something that I’ve written here.

My mom told me today that she’d come home from work three or four times a week and find my dad poking through my thoughts.  He’d look at her, smile and say, “We raised one bright cookie, didn’t we, Fox?”

So when I get a chance to write in the next few weeks, I’m going to!  Dad would want that.

But if you find that I’m posting less than I usually do, I know you’ll understand.

Be well,


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