Top-down accountability labels the poorest children and their teachers as failures rather than building them up in response to their actual needs. Jon Kuhn’s view on replacing real educational opportunity with a focus on accountability is shared.

This summer at a retreat at Center For Teaching Quality, I was asked about one of my greatest accomplishments as an educator so far.  Of course I thought of the Whole Novels program, a method for working with novels in the ELA classroom that I’ve been developing with Madeleine Ray, my mentor from Bank Street and fellow Bank Street alum, Nancy Toes Tangel.  I’ve written about it in a few blog posts: A Room Full of Thinkers and Journey Story in Five Chapters.

In this video I discuss the effects of the program in very general terms:

Stay tuned for news on the manuscript I’m finally working on that’s all about the Whole Novels program!

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