Teacher tenure has become a hot topic in education and has been thrust to the forefront of teacher evaluation reform. Imagine a new way for teachers to earn tenure, one that is centered on student learning outcomes.

Stephen Sawchuck at Education Week is always spot-on in identifying the hot teaching policy issues in his lively Teacher Beat blog. Take this recent post on teacher tenure. Imagine if instead of focusing on tying tenure to student ‘achievement’ (determined using 20th century tools built on 19th century principles of teaching and learning), we instead focused on tying tenure to student learning and the spread of teaching expertise, in and out of cyberspace. This idea captures much of the vision for a 21st century teaching profession we seek to advance at the Center for Teaching Quality.

Our ground-breaker book Teaching 2030 — which reimagines tenure, teaching roles, leadership for school reform, and much more —  is officially released this week.

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