The scholarly Teachers College Record website, known for its text-heavy abstracts and peer-reviewed research articles, is jazzing things up by feeding a lively video feature — After Ed — to the otherwise drab homepage.

TCR’s editors describe the colorful YouTube-like click-and-play box as “a bit of an experiment” that they hope will “bring new thinking in the education sector to a wide audience through engaging short-form video.” The videos come from a new web video channel produced at the EdLab at Teachers College, and TCR promises a fresh video lineup every Friday. We sampled one of the current choices, “Ten Things You You Didn’t Know about Social Studies.” Not sure about the intended audience, but it was fun to watch. There’s also also a brief weekly newscast highlighting U.S. and world education news that will likely be required viewing for many preservice teachers.

The After Ed team welcomes contributions to the channel from everyone with an interest in the future of education and learning. You can interact with the channel producers, pitch ideas for new shows or scripts for new episodes, and comment on segments in the current lineup. (Send them that cool video your students put together for their latest PBL activity.) There’s also a blog where you can find out more about current clips and goings-on. All in all, pretty jazzy!

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