During the holiday season, let’s all say thank you to the behind-the-scenes folks who help schools run efficiently and effectively!

Rose and Elly – two secretaries at my school

There are so many people – besides teachers – who ensure that a school system runs efficiently and effectively. During this holiday season, I’d like to say a special thank you to the custodians, secretaries, hall monitors, and café workers, who brighten up our day and make our jobs so much more enjoyable. I’m sure it’s the same at your school, too!

1. The Custodians – If your school is like mine, you know that NOTHING could be accomplished ever, if not for these folks. They’re out there shoveling the 31 inches of snow in the morning so that by the time school opens, we can get in the door. They triage ever major and minor infrastructure issue in the building. My school would – literally – fall apart without them. I thank them for always being there when I need them.

2. The Secretaries – Only my blood relatives have my back as much as these folks do. They handle the behind-the-scenes action expertly and competently. In my twenty-one years of teaching, I don’t think I’ve ever heard them complain about anything. They are the reason why I don’t have to worry about whether the copier will jam when I need to print my finals. They make sure my field trips happen. They teach me how to use the Scantron over and over and over. They are one step ahead of every single person in the school. I love them!

3. The Cafe Worker – At my school, we are fortunate enough to have a teachers’ café, and Dottie, the woman who works there, brings so much sunshine into our day! She buys Hershey Kisses with her own money to make sure our chocolate needs are met. She decorates the café with seasonal décor to celebrate everything from Thanksgiving to Joey Ramone’s birthday. Dottie makes sure our café is our port in the storm, a place where we can rest and regroup in the most comfortable of settings.

4. Security – Do you know how happy I am to know that the minute I walk through the door of my school that our Security Guard, Bill, will be there to greet me with a huge smile, to ask me how I am, and to discuss the previous day’s sports news? Pretty darn happy, let me tell you. Our security staff not only keeps our school safe – several members can translate Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic in a pinch. They help students who are new to our country feel welcome. None of us could do our job without them.

So this holiday season, I want to say a special thank you to the behind-the-scenes folks who keep our school functioning and to bring a ray of sunshine to day. You folks are the best!

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