It’s time to give thanks, and I am extremely grateful for some people who are doing wonderful things in education today. I realize I’m often guilty, as are many others, of focusing attention on problems and failures. Contrary to myth, there are many successful educators among us, some of whom are pointing us toward a promising future. Here are some I’d like to thank this season:

Reflections of a Techie (aka Marsha Ratzel) for sharing her fascinating work with middle school science students using the web tool Diigo to follow a real time research expedition.

The ever-amazing Bill Ferriter (aka The Tempered Radical), put together his own classroom tested instructions for using a plethora of web applications with students on the wiki page, Digitally Speaking.

Anthony Cody, at Living In Dialogue, for organizing teachers to write open letters to President Obama and Secretary Duncan, reminding them of promises made to educators during the election that need to be kept, and reminding us of our professional-civic responsibilities.

English teacher and prolific author, Jim Burke, for nurturing one of the most vibrant virtual learning communities around today, The English Companion Ning.

Teacher’s College professor, Celia Oyler, for expressing most succinctly the false logic of judging either student achievement or teacher performance on our current state testing systems.

Claus von Zastrow at Public School Insights for constantly reminding us that there are many places in America today where education is done well and that’s where our education policy making should start.

These is just my short list; feel free to add your own.

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