To celebrate the inauguration of President Barack Obama, our friends at the Public School Insights blog are featuring comments by Congressman John Lewis, a Freedom Rider during the early days of America’s Civil Rights Movement and a close colleague of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

(photo: Lewis to right of King at the 1964 New York Summit of civil rights leaders.)

“Schools at all levels should let this be a day of reflection, a day of learning, and a day of service,” Lewis told PSI’s Claus Von Zastrow. “Dr. King said we all can be great because we all can serve.”

Public School Insights and the Learning First Alliance have put together a rich collection of resources and activities in connection with Inauguration Week and the upsurge of interest in civic involvement by K-12 students. See, for example, this interview with middle school teacher Sally Broughton, winner of the American Civic Education Award and Montana’s current state Teacher of the Year.

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