Bookmarks is that rarest of magazine creatures these days – a periodical devoted entirely to the bound and published word. One of its many appealing features is the Have You Read? column, which invites subscribers to submit a list of book recommendations around a theme. The November/December issue includes 10 picks by Vermont teacher Janice Prindle on the topic “life, death and loss.”

One suggestion in particular, The Whistling Season, caught our eye. Prindle writes, in part: “(it is) a powerful fictional argument for rural schools, which is not to be dismissed as nostalgia for those of us who teach in them.” Many TLN Forum members also teach in rural communities and are eloquent about both their schools’ unique values and their special challenges.

If you love reading books (fiction or non-fiction) we don’t mind touting Bookmarks. Who better to subscribe than teacher-leader readers? Here’s how.

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