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Teacher leader model standards

Report Thought leadership Tags:   System redesign, Teacher leadership

The purpose of the Teacher Leader Model Standards is to stimulate dialogue among stakeholders of the teaching profession about what constitutes the knowledge, skills, and competencies that teachers need to assume leadership roles in their schools, districts, and the profession.

Strengthening state teacher licensure standards to advance teaching effectiveness

Barnett Berry
Report Thought leadership Tags:   System redesign, Teacher leadership

Barnett Berry addresses issues related to teacher licensure, teacher effectiveness, clinical preparation, and data systems, and each includes an overview of the research, promising practices, and recommendations related to their specific topic.

The Teacher Leadership Competencies

CTQ, National Education Association, NBPTS
Report System redesign, Thought leadership Tags:   System redesign, Teacher leadership, Teacher recruitment & retention

The Teacher Leadership Institute (TLI) is a comprehensive effort by CTQ, the National Education Association, and the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards to recruit, prepare, activate, and support the next generation of teachers to lead a transformed teaching profession. The Teacher Leadership Competencies are designed to fulfill a charge: to frame a vision for transformative teacher leadership and express that vision in a set of competencies that teachers can use as a resource for identification, reflection, guidance, and inspiration.

Implementing the Common Core State Standards (ICCS)

Report System redesign Tags:   System redesign

Beginning in the fall of 2011, CTQ began the Implementing Common Core State Standards (ICCS) initiative with a team of 20 NBCTs from North Carolina and Kentucky. Their efforts were orchestrated and supported by two virtual community organizers (VCOs) — expert practitioners who are deeply skilled in online collaboration and virtual team building. Since then, the effort has expanded in both states while simultaneously spurring nationwide collaboration among teacher leaders.

Implementing Common Core standards in NC

Paper System redesign Tags:   Student assessment, Teacher leadership

Supported by the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, CTQ launched an effort to connect, ready, and mobilize a cohort of 20 National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) from North Carolina to lead the successful implementation and execution of the Common Core among a community of practitioners.

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards and the future of a profession

Barnett Berry
Report Thought leadership Tags:   School redesign, Student assessment, Teacher leadership

After considering various issues surrounding the NBPTS process – including cost vs. benefits, NBCT distribution, and the relative importance of teachers’ problem-solving skills – this paper reflects on several significant research studies that focus on teacher learning, the effects of NBCTs on student learning, and the effects of NBCTs on school improvement.

The future of teaching and teacher education

Barnett Berry
Report Thought leadership Tags:  

Barnett Berry presents to the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board.

Closing the student achievement gap by closing the teaching quality gap: Reframing the debate

Barnett Berry
Paper System redesign Tags:   Equity & social justice in education, Student assessment, Teacher leadership

In this Visiting Scholars Series Research Brief, Barnett Berry explores new forms of schooling and teachers who have the skills and supports to ensure that all students attain high academic standards.