Want to know some of the things students love to hear teachers say? Read on!


A few weeks ago, my sophomore class let teachers know the 5 things Teachers Should Never Say to a Student. This week, they weighed in on the 5 Things Students Love to Hear:

1. “You’ve shown great improvement” – “I like this because it means the teacher notices what I’m doing and is paying attention,” Jordan said. “It makes you happy – it’s totally positive vibes, and it gives you motivation to do better,” Samantha added. “It’s something you can focus on and then you can work to do even better,” said Timmy.

2. “I’m proud of you” – “This makes you feel great to hear,” Johnny told me. “You always come back to that moment, and you remember that day when your teacher said she was proud of you,” Timmy said. “Sometimes you might have thought that the teacher doubted you, and now you’ve proven him wrong and shown that you could do it,” Tahj agreed.

3. “You were one of my best students”– “This makes you feel so special,” Samantha said. “It’s cool that teachers remember you and notice you and still think about what you did in their class even if they are no longer your teacher,” Johnny said. “It means you made an impact.”

4. “You have the ability and the potential” – “I love it when teachers believe in me, Johnny said. “And it makes you want to prove to them that yes, you most definitely do have the ability and potential.” “This make you want to work even more on yourself,” Tahj said.

5. “You can do it!” – “It gives me confidence when I hear a teacher say this,” Nick said. “It totally motivates me.” “Yes, and it makes me feel like a role model to other students,” Yicel added.

After the students completed the list, they further elaborated: “All these things are things a parent could say to you, and actually, I see teachers as almost second parents,” Tahj explained. “So hearing a teacher say these things builds a great relationship with a teacher.” “It means that teachers don’t just see you as a number – you mean something to them,” Nick said.

Thank you, sophomore class! I am truly proud of you!

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