Shifting the system towards hope

I began my teaching career in 1975. For the first 20 years, the changes were modest alterations to the existing system. Lauren Hill clearly labels…

9 Minutes

Upside down is right side up:
Shifting priorities for professional learning

Do you have your list?  You know the one - the list of every single initiative, program, curriculum, and gosh darn good idea someone at your…

10 Minutes

Who we are:
How CTQ made my teaching and leadership

To say that my teaching and leadership have been transformed by CTQ and the Teacher Leaders Network (TLN) would be an understatement. My teaching…

6 Minutes

Personalized. From anger to acceptance.

She walked into my room, ponytail swinging. This 11th grader was not a regular student, but a drop-in, requiring some explanation. At this school…

5 Minutes

From potluck to teacher leadership

Perhaps the most inspiring step educators get to take is that first step into their own classrooms after landing an initial position at a school.…

7 Minutes