The Spark of Collaboration

In this second blog for the Teacher-Powered Schools Roundtable, Ambassador Sarah Giddings shares about collaboration in her teacher-powered school.

6 Minutes

Teachers & administrators collaborating for change

This story is the product of a great deal of thinking, reflecting, and collaborating. With the help of CTQ's impact assessment tools, I realized that…

17 Minutes

Beyond compliance:
Creating the schools our students need

This post explores how the colletive leadership can be used as a lever for equity.

6 Minutes

Reflecting and reframing: How a mindset shift helped this school leader focus on what matters most

Principals are key players in the delicate and ever-evolving ecosystem of a school's culture and growth.

7 Minutes

#OneWord2017 #Daily

If I learned anything from 2016 it was that we don’t have a lot of time to waste. Depending on your preferred metric, in one year we only get 365…

3 Minutes

#OneWord2017: #Unify

Tricia Ebner, thank you for starting this roundtable conversation, and Jessica Cuthbertson, for continuing it.  Tricia wrote about the need for…

4 Minutes

My #OneWord2017: Love

Inspired by colleagues like Tricia Ebner (read about her one word here) and CTQ’s shift in blogging strategy for 2017, from one-off posts to…

4 Minutes

#OneWord2017: Focus

The new year often means making resolutions for personal and professional life. Using #OneWord2017 can be a way to choose an overarching goal for the…

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