Test Prep in PreK

Focusing on test talk before preschoolers are ready to take standardized assessments with multiple choice questions could be considered malpractice.

8 Minutes

VLCs: The Power of Networking and Reflection

VLCs (virtual learning communities) aren't just another three-letter acronym in education. VLCs can build connections, foster relationships, and…

8 Minutes

The REAL Feedback Experts in Your Building

One of my best buds is a brilliant Canadian elementary school teacher named Diana Williams.  She's this super motivated, talented woman who finds…

3 Minutes

Building VLCs? Start with the why.

People aren’t convinced by what you do in a virtual space (i.e. moderate Twitter chats, participate in online discussion threads, write blogs); they…

13 Minutes

The Next Evolution in Professional Development: Timeless Learning

I want to be excellent and that doesn’t just take knowledge, it takes practice and community. Even champions have to train, and they often train with…

7 Minutes

The Best Feedback is GATHERED, not GIVEN

All y'all know that I've been completely consumed by reimagining the role that feedback should play in the modern classroom, right?  I've been…

2 Minutes

This is Why I Teach: Watching Kids Learn

Over the last few days in class, my students have been working on an activity designed to introduce them to the similarities and differences between…

6 Minutes

VLCs: Beyond Digital Strip Malls

Note: This spring CTQ bloggers are exploring the theme: How do VLC’s (Virtual Learning Communities) impact our profession? We invite you to join us…

8 Minutes

Deeper learning demands deeper leading—and technology can help

Being college- and career-ready is no simple task. It’s time for all American students to take part in deeper learning.

7 Minutes

Thank You, My Teacher!

It's Teacher Appreciation Week! Listen to some stories from students about their wonderful teachers. Read on!

5 Minutes