Virtual Learning Communities and the Adjacent Possible

When I started teaching in 1987, many colleagues had an "EZ-Grader" - a cardboard device they used to calculate a student's percent on an assignment…

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A Memorial Day Lesson

My father, a sergeant in the Army, often talked of how he returned from two tours of duty in Korea only to be told by Bell Telephone in Michigan that…

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Does Your School have an "Avoid at All Costs" List?

A few weeks back, I shared the story of Carl, a principal friend of mine who was frustrated with the pockets of innovation in his building. While he…

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Teacher-powered innovation: The value of and opportunity for teacher leadership in schools and policy.

This blog was originally posted on HomeRoom, the official blog of the U.S. Department of Education. When we do everything right in schools, our…

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VLCs: How Connection and Collaboration Creates Healthy Vulnerability in Education

This spring, CTQ bloggers are exploring the theme: How do VLC’s (virtual learning communities) impact our profession? We invite you to join us here…

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Building Community at Your School

Want to build community at your school? Here's how!

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Are Grades Destroying My Six Year Old Kid?

Most of Radical Nation knows that I am the proud father of a beautiful, funny, curious girl named Reece.  I love darn near everything about her --…

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When 140 Characters is Not Enough: Virtual PLCs

I’m a self-confessed education nerd, and almost all of my work learning with teachers is done virtually. I spend many hours thinking about how great…

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Sorry, Not Sorry

  I received a great email a few weeks ago.  It called me out, questioned why I was doing something, and told me in no uncertain terms that my…

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What About Authentic Appreciation All Year Long?

What would it feel like to be part of a profession that is authentically appreciated not one week a year, but all year long? I imagine this space…

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