3 Edu-Resolutions for New Teachers In The New Year

Explore these three practices to help you remove (or at least reduce) the number of tasks on your plate: 1) Less grading and more real-time feedback,…

7 Minutes

Five Lessons Learned in 2015

The end of one year and start of the next prompts reflections and resolutions. Even though the change in calendar year comes about mid-year in the…

9 Minutes

When Was the Last Time YOU Failed in Front of a New Teacher?

Just before Christmas, one of our school's mentors reached out with a simple request.  She wanted her mentee -- a fantastic young language arts…

6 Minutes

What is Your Yes Worth?

At a time of year where everyone seems to be asking for our time, it is important for us to pause and consider how to invest our yes.

6 Minutes

12 Days of Winter Break: Geese and Swans

I was so busy these past two days, that I didn’t take time to write on this series, so this post will have to do double duty. Christmas was…

4 Minutes

What To Do About Rolando?

"Rolando" doesn't do much on computers. He doesn't read or write much either, although he can. He mostly gets Cs. He gets in trouble sometimes when…

6 Minutes

Fostering Pride in Work

Picture yourself sitting down to look at some student work, final drafts or projects that should showcase what the students now know and understand…

8 Minutes

Thoughts from our Blogging Unit II: A New Year's Wish for Compassion

During this season of fiery political rhetoric, my students have been looking for models of harmony and compassion. Two stories of every day heroes…

5 Minutes

Thoughts on our Blogging Unit I: A New Year's Wish for Balance

Our blogging unit taught my student a great deal about themselves, their world, and their voice.  My new year's wish is that they always have harmony…

4 Minutes

The 12 Days of Winter Break: Gold Rings

The gods laugh when mortals make plans.

4 Minutes