How Much is Experience Worth?

After missing their budget deadline by nearly three full months, the North Carolina Legislature just released new salary schedules for the 2015-2016…

6 Minutes

Supermoons and Senior Essays

If we're willing to let our students see us struggle through the writing process, we help them to partake in the power of a shared human…

5 Minutes

The Power of Peer Observation: Part I, The Rationale

An administrator who wants to save money, increase staff morale, and provide authentic professional development  needs to look no further than her…

9 Minutes

Ok, Special Master, YOU name the Latino Students We Shouldn't Welcome

A court-appointed special master may soon recommend that a federal judge yank the magnet status from five schools in our open-enrollment district…

6 Minutes

Expanding PLCs Beyond The School: A Pilot Project

Louisville's Jefferson County Public Schools is leading the charge to train and empower teachers to lead Virtual Learning Communities across the…

4 Minutes

Nudging the Boulder

A friend in higher education asked me recently if my teacher leadership, especially in education policy, has been worth the time I have put into it.…

8 Minutes

Toeing the Line When Teachers are Absent

Substitute teachers, I appreciate you and your efforts. They do the impossible. There was the English teacher who gamely subbed for my science class…

1 Minutes

Update 2: Using @RemindHQ to Share Nonfiction with Students

As I've mentioned before (see here and here), I've been using Remind -- a free tool that allows teachers to push out notifications to parents and…

6 Minutes

Do You Have to Channel Your “True North” to be a Teacher Leader?

In a room full of teacher leaders who are busy thinking, planning, and doing leadership work, who is focused on the people at the center? In your own…

4 Minutes

A Teacher's Déjà vu

As I fell into my deskchair, happily exhausted from a day of teaching writers, it occurred to me: "I've been here before."

3 Minutes