Beyond Average

To see real change in the educational system, we need to start looking beyond the label of average student and teacher.

6 Minutes

What did you learn this year?

Teachers have the gift of a summer to renew ourselves after the exhaustion of the school year. It's a time for rest, but it’s also a time for…

8 Minutes

From Consumers to Creators: Technology and Teacher Leadership

Transformation happens at the edges of communities and organizations. It is where teacher voice is realized. However, when it comes to technology and…

4 Minutes

What Matters Most?

Sometimes when bad things happen, we start to question our beliefs, the road we’ve taken, or even what we think we know about ourselves. We…

7 Minutes

What's Change Got to Do with It?

Change in education in inevitable. Some change we come to expect because of the nature of our work--students will move on and colleagues will…

11 Minutes

Why Would I Teach For Thirty Years?

What is it about the profession that keeps some people there for 30 years?   Many teachers would automatically reply “I love the kids”, but…

6 Minutes

6 Tips for Compelling Presentations

As a CTQ Teacherpreneur, I've had some incredible opportunities to present in the past three months. I've written about presenting at the national…

22 Minutes

Even MORE Instagram and YouTube Accounts for #scichat Nation

Let's start with a question:  Which digital tools, services and/or spaces are the most popular with YOUR students?  If your kids are anything like…

3 Minutes

The Boys in the Boat—Teaching as Team Sport

What does the 1936 Olympic gold-medal crew team have to do with 21st-century teaching and learning? It's about harmony--and having the right boat.

7 Minutes

Making It Real

We want to make learning as authentic as possible, as much as we can, yet this can be really challenging sometimes. Student-designed projects have…

7 Minutes