You train a monkey. You ignite teachers.

Do teachers need to be trained like reasonably clever monkeys, then rewarded for our performance? What happens when we stop “training” teachers, and…

5 Minutes

The Lost Art of Talk

Positive classroom climate and student engagement rose to new heights when I introduced dedicated times for collaborative discussions. Oral Tradition…

6 Minutes

The Hardest Part of (Teaching) Writing

As I wade into writing instruction in my high school classroom, I reflect on the simple truth that teaching writing is hard to do because writing…

5 Minutes

5 edTPA tips for cooperating teachers

Have teacher candidates who are preparing edTPA portfolios? Here are 5 tips for helping them succeed.

6 Minutes

The Power Continues

Year after year, I am moved by the honesty and candor of these letters. And yesterday was no exception.

3 Minutes

Who's in Control? Minimalism in the Modern Learning Classroom

What sets the pace in your classroom? Your technology, or you?

6 Minutes

The Crusade

He accused me of making myself suffer, being a “reverse racist,” and being on a “racial crusade.”

8 Minutes

If They Build It, Will You Come?

Would you come to a museum showing the best and worst of public debate? Would you contribute to the design? What could we name it?

5 Minutes

View From the Top

What professional peaks do you hope to summit this year?

7 Minutes

5 YouTube Videos that will Break the Ice in Advisory

Want to find ways to connect to your Advisory? Have you tried YouTube? Here are 5 great videos that help create solidarity and shared experience in…

6 Minutes