High-Stakes, Not Hostage

I survived Testober.  My first October as a high school Testing Coordinator was spent eyeballs deep in spreadsheets of students and their schedule…

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How do you know if you're a teacher leader?

As a young teacher I didn’t realize my voice mattered – but even if I had, I would have been afraid to use it.

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Supporting students from military families

As a teacher, parent, and veteran working in a densely military-populated state (North Carolina), I’m concerned about supporting students and their…

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Round Peg, Changing Hole: Using Technology in a Diverse, Project-Based Classroom

Teachers often encounter situations that require a unique tool to unlock the potential of students. Technology has opened the door to the hardware…

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A Phoenix Rises in Arizona

Teacher advocacy is not without its heart aches. But for those who persevere, what doesn't kill your career can transform you into a activist who…

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The Gap is in Our Integrity

It is at best disingenuous, and at worst, hypocritical, to pretend that we did not know poor children and children of color were deliberately getting…

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Leadership is a Choice

As Americans, we tend to have a romanticized view of leadership in general. Our leaders are those at the forefront of the fray, the ones who are…

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7 Ways edTPA Can Transform the Teaching Profession

Imagine an orchestra warming up for a performance. Every musician has a job, a specialty: tuba, timpani, and violin. The conductor taps his wand, and…

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Dreams to Reality: Teacher Powered Schools

Are you one of those teachers who has said, “I want to start a teacher-powered school” or had a conversation with your colleagues about what you…

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Tupac -- Yes THAT Tupac -- on Education

A few weeks ago, my buddy Mike Hutchinson stumbled across a pretty remarkable commentary on just what education should be from Tupac.  I've…

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