edTPA: How well does it prepare teacher candidates for the profession?

#88621637 / gettyimages.com   Marcey Wennlund and Graham Schultze are first-year teachers and 2014 graduates of the Teacher Education…

8 Minutes

The Perfect PD

It was like being in a dream… A nerdy, teacher dream. It was the perfect professional development.

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A day in the life of a teacherpreneur

When you take the complexity of teaching students--even if it’s only for a half day--and add it to navigating the world of policy, politics, adult…

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Déjà vu in American education: The woeful state of professional development

Call it the worst-kept secret in education—and one of the field’s most baffling paradoxes. Why is a profession focused on learning so inept at…

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Read This: "Special Education Too Often Leads to Jail"

The disgraceful truth of what we have allowed to happen to too many of our most vulnerable children.

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Check Out What My Kids Created with Canva

Regular Radical readers know that I'm a huge fan of Canva -- the digital service designed to make visual design easier for everyone.  What makes…

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Finding Joy in the Journey: What I Learned from the NBCT Process

There's a brand new cohort of NBCTs, and I am one of them. My own journey began two years ago when I decided that one of my professional goals was to…

10 Minutes

Walking Together: Veterans Day Reflections

It has taken 25 years for me to learn, see and understand the lessons that being a veteran has to offer the teacher...I believe any soldier, when you…

7 Minutes

Teaching is Hydrogeology, and Every Other Major, Too

Students from all majors are trained to solve different kinds of problems, and every kind of problem they're trained to solve has a parallel in…

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Five Instagram Accounts for #scichat Nation

It was a great week to be a science geek, wasn't it?  After all, the European Space Agency landed a probe on a comet that is 300 MILLION miles away…

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