The Power of Collaboration: 3 Ways to Bring Teachers and Legislators Together

Collaboration is the key to success in any system. It's time to start bridging the gaps and creating opportunities for collaboration between all the…

7 Minutes

The Digital Equivalent of Strip Malls.

One of the brightest people that I know is Renee Moore -- the mind behind CTQ's TeachMoore blog.  She's ALWAYS insightful and articulate -- and she…

1 Minutes

Brooklyn Moment

In the summertime, there are moments from the school year that come rebounding back to me, sometimes out of nowhere. Sometimes they stick around,…

8 Minutes

Evaluating Teachers Part 2: My Worst Year

Michelangelo had his worst sculpture.  Pavarotti had a performance in which he missed so many notes, he didn’t return to the stage for the second…

7 Minutes

It's Us, Not Them: How Student Failure May Reflect You

It was the first time there wasn’t a line in the ladies restroom, but yet my longest wait. We went from complete strangers to a teacher listening to…

7 Minutes

Embracing the Summer Slide

The summer slide is so much more than just "not reading".  When students come back in a few weeks, I won’t be so worried about how much they “lost”…

10 Minutes

The Value of Facetime

What happens when you jam 16 teacher leaders from across the United States into a common space with endless supplies of coffee, crafting supplies,…

9 Minutes

Teacherpreneurs: Race, Class, and the (R)evolution of Teaching

I was privileged to experience two of my favorite authors in person last night.

3 Minutes

Beauty At The Still Point

Reflection comes easy when the view is right - my thoughts at the conclusion of my teacherpreneurship.

6 Minutes

Make a Quality Decision

"...there are some principles, some decisions we should make about how we are going to go about our work that should be set in the bedrock of our…

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