Better Tests Lead to Better Teaching for Students and their Teachers

Since I first stepped foot in the classroom, I have experienced and thought about the role assessment and accountability plays in what teachers…

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Facing the fire hydrant

Reflections on the end of the school year and the moments that feel like they may drown us.

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#Yesallmen: UCSB, Misogyny, and Being a Male-Ally

This is a bit of a departure from what I usually write about, but I have some things I feel I need to say.  This post is not about the rampage in…

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Masters of Our Own Ships

In my previous post, I wrote about a valuable practice in reading intruction: reading alongside the students during independent reading.  Often an…

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Guest Blog: Misusing Test Data

This post originally appeared in the CTQ Collaboratory, and I thought it deserved wider audience. So I invited Scott Diamond to guest blog it here.…

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What Two Phenomenal Women Taught Me

Today, the world lost a grandmother to us all. This morning, when I learned about the passing of Maya Angelou, I immediately thought of my…

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Under-Rated Teaching Strategy: Read Next To Them!

It was fifth period, sometime last week (it's late May), and students should have been reading quietly.  Generally, I would be using this time to…

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Mirror, Mirror: Why I love the NBPTS

I’m shy.  But when I’m with my students, I feel full of energy and assertiveness.  Teaching has gifted me with my voice, and I’ve learned to use it…

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CTQ-Global TeacherSolutions report: How is Kentucky doing so far?

Now that the CTQ-Global TeacherSolutions report is starting to hit inboxes, let’s take a look at the five recommendations it makes for developing…

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Our Children's Books

And…. Done! The Children’s Books are Done! If you’ve been following this blog, you know that one of my former student, Philmon, is going to Burkina…

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