False Transparency and the Airport Princess

Last Friday was a tough day for me.  I was frazzled, at the end of two full weeks on the road after presenting to 9 different audiences in 4…

7 Minutes

Bathroom Lesson Planning - Why I Was Talking About Toilets in Singapore

It was fitting that my first stop after arriving to Singapore was a restroom in Changi Airport. When exiting, I noticed a touchscreen survey on the…

2 Minutes

Connected Educator Month - 13 Remix Masters Who Have Changed My Practice

As a part of Connected Educator Month, Silvia Tolisano -- the mind behind the all-things global education and #edtech blog Langwitches -- wrote a bit…

4 Minutes

Why Teachers Should Write More Books

It feels like a long time since I've penned anything here. For those of you unaware, I've been immersed in working on my first solo book This Is Not…

3 Minutes

Don't Implement One-to-One Devices in the Classroom Unless...

Driving to work a few weeks ago, I listened to a completely unsurprising story on NPR. The story, titled “Students Find Ways To Hack School-Issues…

6 Minutes

What I Didn't Know I Didn't Know

Okay, clearly, I’m late to this party. But for all the others like me who have not been listening to BAM Radio until lately, we’ve been missing out…

2 Minutes

Job-Based Learning; Part 2

So as I was writing the article about my students' summer school internships, my colleague asked a great question.  She commented that she was loving…

5 Minutes

Lessons Learned from the Singapore School of Math & Science

This school—home to 1,000 of Singapore's top math and science students—offers some surprising insights.

3 Minutes

What we can learn from the Singapore Sports School

At the Singapore Sports School, athletic and academic achievements are celebrated in equal proportion. Could this model be applied in America?

3 Minutes

Investing in Children and Teachers (Singapore's Crest Secondary School)

Seven CTQ Collaboratory teachers are in Singapore to meet with policymakers from 8 cities around the globe—Kristoffer Kohl and I are tagging along.…

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