Ending the martyrdom of American teachers

What can American policymakers do about our teacher retention problem?

4 Minutes

Looping: The #1 Reason Why I Became A Career Teacher

I wasn't prepared for my first classroom...but my students were ready for me.

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Startled, I looked at our school's union representative.  I didn’t think I heard her correctly. “Dave, would you please leave the meeting?” she…

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Three Reasons North Carolina's New Plan for Paying Teachers is a Bad Idea.

If you've been paying any attention to national #edpolicy trends, you probably already know that North Carolina has become a leader in thinly-veiled…

12 Minutes

7 Essential Questions from GCEN’s Singapore Symposium

Worthwhile discussions tend to raise more questions than answers. Here are seven vexing questions after deliberations with education policymakers…

5 Minutes

Viewing the Education Ecosystem: Who Sees What and Why Does It Matter?

After reading the powerful collection of articles on teacher leadership in the October 2013 issue of Education Leadership, I looked back at my own…

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"It's Not the Technology; It's the Teachers"

  Few things can compare with the sheer joy of watching our students use what we’ve taught them to take control of their own learning. I had that…

5 Minutes

To Know We Are Not Alone: Identity (Not Sex) in the Classroom

“We read to know that we are not alone.” We have reached a point where we realize that the books our students read should reflect their racial,…

7 Minutes

TFA: Reeking of Pork, Again

With a five-week summer survival course and no actual classroom experience, TFA candidates are deemed “highly qualified” before the school year even…

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The Classroom Management Olympics

Just for giggles, I'm sharing my silliest moment of the day.  Sure, there are much more important things I'd like to have brainpower to write about…

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