School board elections: A Halloween nightmare

What scares you this Halloween?

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On Measuring Student Learning

"Student learning should be part of teacher evaluation, but it should only be one part of the whole picture."  Though I've heard this statement many…

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Why We Need New Ways of Talking About School

In 2008, one of my first published articles challenged the dominant discourse in education. I was fed up with the way many of my colleagues and…

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Nicholas’s Mom Takes the Mic

Recently, I attended one of the Florida Department of Education’s public hearings related to the Common Core State Standards. Governor Rick Scott…

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Stand Tall & Speak Up: 5 Tips for Addressing Your State Board of Ed.

We are trusted. In a recent Phi Delta Kappan/Gallup Poll of the Public’s Attitude Toward the Public Schools, over 72% of respondents reported having…

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Who Will Watch The Watchers?

Tomorrow in Algebra I’ll finish a problem and the hands will go up. I know the script by now. Azelle thinks I made a mistake. Reyna found a shortcut…

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Improving teacher prep—what are we waiting for?

“A doctor, a lawyer, and a teacher walk onto a plane,” began a recent blog post by Justin Minkel. This was no corny joke—but the lead-up to Minkel’s…

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A Doctor, a Lawyer, and a Teacher Walk Onto a Plane

When the doctor and lawyer found out I had just finished a competition with three other finalists for National Teacher of the Year, the lawyer leaned…

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New #edtech Tool Review: Using Canva to Teach Visual Influence

Dean Shareski -- a friend and mentor who has done more to challenge my thinking than most anyone I know -- has been arguing for years that one of the…

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Why I almost drove off the road: The hullabaloo around the Common Core

I almost drove off the road this morning on the way to work. That’s right. Why? Not a deer crossing, not texting a grocery list to my honey, not…

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