Let Them Eat Fruit

On Wednesday of last week, my sixth grade interdisciplinary team fed our sixth graders pizza for lunch in a mini-celebration of the end of our school…

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Do YOU Share Spielberg's Attitudes towards Bad Ideas?

Most full-time members of Radical Nation know full well that I'm convinced that Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter -- which has…

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CTQ Collaboratory: Be Unstoppable

I spent the last few days at the Center for Teaching quality working on inititatives of the organization as a Teacher Advisory Board member. Driving…

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All hands on deck: What a baby’s first flight and collaboration have in common

I witnessed something beautiful the other day. One of those moments that fills your soul and makes you appreciate the good in others. On a flight to…

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Whose Profession is This Anyway?

It’s the last day of our CTQ Teacher Advisory Board Summit, and I’m encouraged. I’ve been connected with CTQ for almost 10 years, and have watched…

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Setting up the Substitute for Success

At my school, the experience with substitutes looks like a downward spiral. For the most part, teachers at my school do not trust that the person who…

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Champions Are Made In The Classroom [A Few Lessons From This School Year]

The saying goes that we as teachers learn as much from the students as they learn from us. This year, I needed this when I went for a whirlwind of a…

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Are You Geocaching With Your Kids?

It has been a really interesting week in Radical Nation, y'all.  You see, Dr. Griz -- a Geocaching Travel Bug that my class set free EIGHT YEARS ago…

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Teacher leadership video: Putting the horse back in front of the cart

How does a group of Florida teacher leaders define teacher leadership? Watch below.

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Teacher leadership: Putting the horse back in front of the cart

What IS teacher leadership? The Teacher Leader Model Standards attempt to create some working level of this concept with seven domains, including…

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