Preparation routes: Teachers leading the way

What better way to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day than by sharing and discussing the ideas and experiences of teacher leaders? Today, CTQ…

4 Minutes

What If Your Students Don't Like You?

Fawn Johnson, at National Journal/Education Experts blog, asked guest bloggers to respond to an intriguing post that ended with these questions:…

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Unless teachers… [ #IKnowaTeacher ]

I know a teacher named Ms. Katz. She is my son’s teacher. A passionate professional who has helped my son to love learning the way I had always hoped…

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Is High School Academic Purgatory?

Blogger's Note: My thinking here is unpolished.  I'm wrestling with the time-honored notion that one of the primary purposes of high school is to…

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A Common Core challenge you can tackle: Mathematical discourse

Mathematical discourse has been articulated as one of the Common Core Mathematical Practices: construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning…

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Read This: Arne Duncan's Moment of Truth

Take the time to read John Merrow's most recent post about the growing resistance to high-stakes testing and what Arne Duncan should do at this…

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What are the "fork-issues" that cause us to avoid real and authentic conversation in schools?

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When Confidentiality Inhibits Problem-Solving

I spent the day away from my students grading the writing portion of the 8th grade NY State Common Core ELA Exams. I got to grade one short response…

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Common Core Shift--Notes for Revisions

I have been a fan of the Common Core Learning Standards for ELA since I first read them a few years ago. By and large, the Common Core Standards…

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