Evaluating the evaluators

Debates continue to swirl over the use of student test scores—and any number of statistical models—to assess which teachers are effective or not.…

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NCTQ Misses the Point About Hiring and Assigning Teachers

It seems to me that too many educational reformers are simply terrified about a zombie horde of so-called ineffective teachers shambling toward our…

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Mississippi NBCTs: Untapped Resource

I just spent a glorious day at the Mississippi NBCT Summit on the campus of the University of Mississippi. The highlight of the summit was a pinning…

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Test reform would create school reform

Jose - Here in Virginia we have had standards of learning for a long time. Our standards are revised every seven years by content area. English one…

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Education: The final frontier?

Are we creating a worthy enough future for education?

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Walking Moral Tightropes is NOT a Reform Strategy

Late last week, I wrote a piece titled How Testing Will Change What I Teach Next Year.  In it, I detail the 48 DAYS that I spent teaching high level…

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College or Career? The False Choice

I've posted this entry over at EdWeek on the Teaching Ahead blog series about the current debate over whether schools should be preparing all…

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Advancing the teaching profession

This post originally published on Ednewscolorado.org. A few weeks ago, Senator Mike Johnston’s bill — intended to revamp educational licensure in…

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Meet the Collaborateurs

We began the Future of Teaching blog in March of 2011 to further explore the ideas in Teaching 2030: What We Must Do for Our Students and Our…

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How Testing Will Change What I Teach Next Year

Regular Radical Readers know that high stakes testing is in the forefront of my mind right now.  I guess that's just what happens when you live and…

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