How Engaged ARE Your Students?

Let's start with a simple truth, y'all:  Student engagement matters. When kids care about the lessons that they are learning, they are WAY more…

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Only if all the right conditions are there [On Bill Gates' teacher evaluation]

Hey John, In the first of this two-part series (OK, a longer essay that I wanted to split up in two), I wondered why Bill Gates would go to great…

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5 Resources for School Leaders Starting PLCs from Scratch

A school principal buddy of mine who I'll keep nameless for the time being reached out yesterday looking for a bit of advice. His teachers are…

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Teachers, know thine impact

The great divide in education reform today, in my view, exists between those who believe that teachers have the greatest influence on student…

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Dream Hybrid Roles for Teachers?

I've dreamt of a hybrid role that allows me to teach part time and lead part time.  Here, for example, was my birthday wish a few years ago... the…

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What Do My 5th Graders Say About Transforming Education?

What would our students say about transforming education? Well, I asked 'em! My fifth grade students give their advice on changing our schools.

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Can we get real about the purpose of education?

I was reading through some of my favorite bloggers' posts of last month, which I missed and came across this powerful and troubling post by Renee…

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Measurement at what cost?

Jose- There was one key point that Bill Gates made in the clip you provided that I wanted to explore. The Measuring Effective Teaching (MET) study…

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Technology Will Kill

One of the lessons that teachers working in digital spaces HAVE to learn is that a complete reliance on any ONE digital tool and/or service is a…

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The big lie of school choice

The concept of charter schools is not a bad one, and I know there are some very good ones that have made a difference in the lives of children and…

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