Read this: obstacles to college

A wonderful piece from Hechinger Report on the often overlooked, unaddressed, and largely avoidable obstacles that prevent qualified students from…

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My 2-minute elevator speech for Education Secretary Arne Duncan

If you had two minutes in an elevator with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, how would you use them? A video blog from NBCT Megan Allen.

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Take this into consideration for teacher leadership

Hey John, Thank you for your latest post, and [...]

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Introducing students to infographics [ACTIVITY]

As a guy who believes that students CAN be powerful and CAN have a voice in today's world, I've always wanted to find ways to introduce my students…

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The power of peer coaching

What will you do when you realize that there is an aspect of your practice you want to improve? Will you make a plea to your administration to attend…

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Lessons from my fathers

This is about education. Lately, there have been increased references to the absence of Black fathers as a cause, possibly the cause, for all manner…

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Classroom tip: Don’t surprise your principal

“Don’t surprise your principal,” I remember Mr. Faeth saying. He was the principal who hired me for my first teaching job. I was teaching world…

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Why must we evaluate reading with tricky multiple choice questions?

I was writing a piece of my book about assessing students' reading levels. I lean towards lots of informal assessment, through conversation and…

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Searching for a superintendent

This post originally appeared on EdNews Colorado.  I've been ruminating on the word super. A dictionary search reveals several definitions for the…

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Points of perception [race, leadership, growth]

Jose I have three quick points I wanted to make with you and, for some reason, they all center on the idea of perception. Thanks for highlighting…

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