Tired of being the nation's punching bag

So I’m completely hacked off tonight. You see, I’ve spent a few hours wrapped in the criticisms of public schools found in the first pages of The…

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Two posts not to miss by my CTQ colleagues

How can teachers learn from Jay-Z while challenging Melinda Gates about the role of standardized tests? This short reflection from TEACHING 2030…

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How teacher turnover harms students

It's time to build 21st-century school organizations that support teacher teams that have staying power and that are rewarded for working effectively…

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Moving beyond September: First month discoveries for first-year teachers

T. S. Eliot had it wrong— for new teachers it’s September that’s the cruelest month. This is my fourth year at my school, and each year my classroom…

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Reimagining school as we know it

Another innovative approach is also taking root in Colorado: the teacher-led school without a principal. With support from the Ford Foundation (which…

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Confronting the 15,000-hour problem

An inefficient public education system mired in 20th-century debates may not be blackening our lungs. But the status quo is doing something just as…

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Are YOU making PLC expectations and behaviors clear?

Crista Anderson---a K-12 Instructional Literacy Coach with Missoula County Public Schools---recently whipped up one of the best visual organizers of…

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60 second book hooks [Activity]

A few weeks back, the language arts teacher on my sixth grade team and I whipped up an enrichment activity for our top performing students. Called 60…

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Exploring blogs during silent reading [Activity]

I don't have a ton of time to write tonight, but I wanted to fill you in on something I'm planning on rolling out on my academic team in the next few…

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Implementing Common Core Standards

CTQ has assembled 21 National Board Certified Teachers from NC and KY to work on the Implementing Common Core Standards (ICCS) project.

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