The two-year advantage

Goodbye class but see you in the fall! It’s a two-year advantage. A middle school teacher shares how looping with the same group of students has many…

3 Minutes

Education odds makers PTI style: Vilson vs. Holland, part 2

Vilson: Welcome back to the PTI program, where the clocks keep on tickin’. Reali! Reali: Chances there will be handicapping for underprivileged…

2 Minutes

Follow a new teacher doing it the right way

Earlier this year, I wrote a post that got some blogosphere action titled “The Best Teacher Education Model Nobody Talks About: Urban Teacher…

2 Minutes

The power behind our words and the wisdom of years

How do you make sure your words have power in the classroom? Some statements are a struggle to develop the power to say and truly mean.

6 Minutes

Feeling blue about being #isteless

This is a tough week for me. Not only is it the last week of the school year at the Salem Middle School—an exhausting time for any teacher—but I’m…

3 Minutes

It's not about me

Good teachers have to understand that it is not about us. One aspect of becoming a mature teacher is shedding more and more of our egos to enter the…

5 Minutes

Grouping students for successful learning in a PLC

Had another interesting email land in my inbox this week.  Tom—a principal of an elementary school working to restructure as a professional learning…

4 Minutes

Read this: the educational crisis of young men of color

It is a dangerous and uncomfortable truth. Gaston Caperton has a worthy read to share: The Educational Crisis of Young Men of Color. There is an…

1 Minutes

Jacqueline Woodson visits my kids! (Tips on guest speakers for middle school)

Bringing in a guest speaker for middle school does not automatically well. Connecting tightly to curriculum and relevancy are amongst the list of…

11 Minutes

Activity: Questions to consider when traveling abroad

Here’s an interesting question:  When you have students who are going to be out of school for a week or two on a family vacation or a trip to an…

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