What really is “College Ready”?

As a community college teacher, I and my colleagues have seen many students who have technically completed their high school requirements, yet they…

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How limited technology budgets failed my students

Cranky Blogger's Warning:  I'm tired of the broader public demanding that teachers be "held accountable" for student performance.  The truth is that…

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More on the challenges of wondering in schools

So my recent post detailing how limited technology budgets leave my students wondering grabbed a bunch of attention today—and the comments y’all are…

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The courage to change | Powerful Learning Practice

See how a shift from teacher-centered, textbook based biology classroom moved to a collaborative learning network. The change was far from easy. Real…

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Guest blogger: Rewarding teachers for doing more

A few weeks back, I was digitally introduced to Ryan Niman, a high school social studies and English teacher in the Edmonds School District north of…

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How do we explain war?

What is our message to kids about violence and war? We teach them not to solve problems with violence yet we go to war to defend our interests and…

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Communicating and connecting with social media [excerpt]

Let’s get something straight, y’all:  While social media spaces are consuming an increasingly large percentage of our days—61 percent of all…

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Read this: students tackle budget deficit

An editorial found in a recent AARP bulletin examines what happened when a group of college students tackled the Federal budget, doing what our…

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The only fight worth having

The “only fight worth having” is the fight for better schools for all our children. And that fight cannot be an A versus B match.

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Teaching kids to approach content with caution [new slide]

In a world with 13.6 BILLION websites and 165 MILLION active bloggers posting 719 new entries every single minute, one of the central skills that we…

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