Differentiated professional pathways: The argument I would have made at NBC's teacher town hall

After witnessing in person NBC's Teacher Town Hall session and then watching the panels of "experts" that met over the next few days, I believe there…

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Are we REALLY preparing kids for the global economy?

I spent some time this morning reading through the Washington Post ‘manifesto’ written by Michelle Rhee, Joel Klein and their teacher-bashing…

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Real teacher evaluation

Ken Bernstein, better known to some as TeacherKen, has posted a fabulous piece at Huffington Post on teacher evaluation that echoes my own feelings…

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New slide: Practitioners and the poliwillies

(download slide and view original image credit on Flickr)

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More teacher voices (and teaching secrets) at Teacher Magazine

As part of our partnership with Education Week's Teacher magazine,  the Teacher Leaders Network provides weekly articles sharing ideas about good…

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Midterm exams: Grading the administration on edreform

As the mid-term elections approach, now is a good time to assess the progress of the President, Secretary Duncan, and the Congress on public…

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Twitter hashtags for educators

Note to readers: While this post started as a list of my favorite Twitter Hashtags for Educators, Radical Nation has started to remind me about…

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New book reviews: Teaching critical thinking — Working with ELLs in content areas

Our latest professional book reviews at  the TLN Teacher Voices blog include: • Secondary English teacher Vicky Gilpin says Critical Thinking and…

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Preparing teachers, Singapore-style

As America focuses on recruiting teachers with content knowledge with little pedagogical preparation, other countries like Singapore are being…

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NBC teacher town hall: Teachers as spectacle

Notes From My Iphone I'm here at NBC Studios in Rockefeller Plaza for the Teacher Town Hall. I'm standing because they ran out of seats by the time I…

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