Obama and Duncan: Making AYP?

I’ve been trying to wait until the spin dust from the State of the Union message settled, before I did my own end-of-the-year evaluation of the…

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Kids remind me of the need for healthy school communities

I've been finding the general scene in education quite overwhelming lately. In short, I believe we're moving in the wrong direction and have been for…

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Why teachers "give up."

In one of the more interesting twists of digital fate, my recent post on interactive whiteboards has been making a bit of a splash in cyberspace over…

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Meeting students where they are

That’s the important theme of Educational Leadership magazine’s February issue. As always, EL offers a mix of "public" and "member-only" articles at…

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Checklists force communication among colleagues

Roland Barth incisively observed, “[T]he relationships among the educators in a school define all relationships within that school's culture.…

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Performance pay will kill our schools

Ever since the board of the Houston Independent School District voted to use standardized test scores to reward and punish teachers, I’ve been…

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Exploring good wikis

After posting Part One and Part Two in my Teacher Tips for Wiki Projects series last week, I had several friends and colleagues—both here on the…

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TeacherSolutions 2030: Creating a student centered profession (the video)

Hope you enjoy this video about our work and share it with your various networks and communities. The future is now. ​

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Part two: Teacher tips for wiki projects

On Wednesday, I posted an excerpt from a book I’m writing about teaching with technology titled Part One:  Teacher Tips for Wiki Projects.  Here’s…

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More insights from TLN forum writers

The Teacher Leaders Network recently celebrated the third anniversary of our partnership with Teacher Magazine and Editorial Projects in Education,…

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