Tomorrow is the National Day on Writing, a cross community celebration of writing in all of its forms. In the spirit of this day I challenge readers and fellow edu-bloggers across the nation to share what keeps you writing. Whether the bulk of your writing is lists, emails, lesson plans, or the next great literary masterpiece, celebrate your inner writer on October 20th.

To springboard the discussion, here are my top 10 reasons for writing:

  1. I write to model authentic writing across purposes and audiences for students.

  2. I write to inspire, encourage, and cajole other teachers to write (hint, hint).

  3. I write to think, plan, and process.

  4. I write to engage in virtual conversations and communities.

  5. I write to share ideas and opinions publicly.

  6. I write to reflect privately on teaching, learning, and life.

  7. I write to question the status quo (and pose questions, period).

  8. I write to make sense of what I read, hear, and see in the blogosphere and physical world.

  9. I write to practice — to get better at writing itself.

  10. I write to engage and experience life more fully.

In essence, I agree with 20th century French novelist Anais Nin who said, “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

So, why do YOU write? Tweet your reasons to #WhyIWrite, craft your own top ten list, or share your thoughts about writing here in the Collaboratory.

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