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Teachers' bold, practical solutions for policy and pedagogy



Great teachers solve problems. They inquire, adapt, and invent. And they make the most of limited resources to meet students’ needs. At the Center for Teaching Quality, we've developed a unique process to tap teachers’ ingenuity and expertise to generate solutions for the big challenges school systems face.Watch how one Florida teacher team recently put an idea into practice using the TeacherSolutions process:

 Here are some other examples: 

TeacherSolutions processes sometimes result in internal documents, as when a sponsor asks teacher experts to critique strategies for initiatives under development. A recent example (2014) is the work of our Educational Testing Service (ETS) TeacherSolutions Team. 

How does the TeacherSolutions process work? 

This downloadable, printable TeacherSolutions infographic (PDF) captures our 12-week process. Timeline can vary depending on complexity and the project sponsor's needs. 


The process begins with sharpening our understanding of the problem and recruiting a diverse dream team of K-12 teachers to tackle it. We also create primers on relevant research and policy for the teacher team and schedule face-to-face and/or virtual meetings.


Team members synthesize policy, research, and their experiences in webinars and online discussions. As they engage in professional debate with guest experts and one another, we compile key ideas and lingering questions. Through an intensive virtual workshop, teachers work toward consensus on their TeacherSolutions.


Once team members are comfortable with their recommendations, we develop a final product to share publicly: white paper, presentation, infographic, video, podcast, etc. CTQ markets the product on social media and other channels, supporting teachers as spokespeople for their own solutions. We bring the process full circle by collecting metrics on the team’s impact.