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Teacher-Powered Schools

Teacher-powered schools are transforming the eduscape.

In at least 15 states, teacher teams have secured collective autonomy from their districts, charter authorizers, and unions to design and run their own schools. Pioneering teachers are leading more than 60 schools across the country right now.

The Center for Teaching Quality, in partnership with Education Evolving, has released a collection of resources for teachers who are designing, running, or maintaining teacher-powered schools. Visit the Teacher-Powered Schools Initiative to learn more about teacher-powered schools, browse an online inventory of schools, and more.

teacher-powered resources

Discussion Guides for Creating a Teacher-Powered School: Lessons from the Pioneers

These discussion guides offer lessons learned and tips from the pioneers of existing teacher-powered schools. Each guide features discussion questions for teacher teams to work through as they create and improve their schools.

  Steps to Creating a Teacher-Powered School (website)

This how-to guide has more than 250 resources and detailed instructions for teacher teams who are going through the five stages of designing, running, and maintaining teacher-powered schools. Click to visit the guide and learn more about the Teacher-Powered Schools Initiative!

Teacher-Powered Schools: A Mini-Anthology
This packet includes a collection of articles authored by pioneers and experts on teacher-powered schools.