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Steps to Creating a Teacher-Powered School

Download Steps_to_Creating_a_TeacherPowered_School.pdf

Teacher-powered schools are transforming the eduscape.

In at least 15 states, teacher teams have secured collective autonomy from their districts, charter authorizers, and unions to design and run their own schools. Pioneering teachers are leading more than 60 schools across the country right now.

Soon there will be more. Recent research from Education Evolving finds that a majority of teachers are very interested in forming teams to design and run innovative schools. If you’re one of those teachers, read on!

The Center for Teaching Quality, in collaboration with Education Evolving, has released a free, step-by-step guide to creating a teacher-powered school.

This practical manual draws on the experiences of teachers who’ve been there, done that. You can learn from their mistakes—and build on their successes—as your team sets out on an innovative journey. And in the CTQ Collaboratory, you can connect with like-minded educators across the country to share strategies and resources.

Get started by clicking the blue link below to download the guide (PDF).

You can also scroll down to browse the guide in the viewing pane.

Download: "Steps to Creating a Teacher-Powered School"